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Turning properties INTO homes by providing superior property management!

This is our way of life, our current inventory of properties we manage is a vast ranging in a wide variety of individual values totaling in the millions of dollars yet each all managed with the same quality of service. We take on this responsibility as our number one priority without question to ensure profitability and security to our ownership by turning the properties into homes for our tenants.


Julian Properties Inc. was established in 1986 as a Real Estate Brokerage at this location however, the story does not start there. “Carl Julian” Daddy of Carline Julian and Grandfather of Bo Julian, (Brokers/Owners) began building property here in the Central Florida area as early as 1956 so the history is deep with this community and this company. I partnered with the real estate team 9 years ago and have been working to develop the property management division. I bring with me over 20 years of corporate experience with Marriott and Wyndham Hotels, I am nationally certified in Residential Property Management, Licensed Realtor, and here to ensure that we provide only the finest quality service to our owners/tenants in all areas.


  • Fast and quality advertising to reduce downtime between tenants furthermore if the property is not occupied the owner is not charged a management fee.
  • Secure property with signage and lock boxes for advertising purposes.
  • We provide 24/7 web reporting to our owners so that they may review their personal accounts at any time should they see the need at any time of the day or night.
  • Complete application checks for potential tenants with Credit, Past Rental History, Criminal Background, Eviction checks, FBI, Orange County Sherriff, Department of Home Land Security checks, and proof of income.
  • Proven Vendors who work as part of the team to provide fast and affordable repairs to properties when needed with NO added markups to owners.
  • Each lease prepared by a Florida licensed real estate attorney’s office which is customized to fit the needs of each property for owner and tenant.
  • Properties are formally inspected before and after tenants occupy the property along with photographic documentation, with periodic inspection during tenant’s tenancy.
  • We take the excuses out of tenants paying rents by providing a number of options to include directly electronically debit from the tenant's bank accounts, by mail, in person, or from any 7-11 store here in the state of Florida.
  • Manage day to day operations promptly including emergency calls.
  • Correct any reasonable repairs necessary to the property when reported by the tenants and report to ownership either by phone or email depending on the severity of the action taken.
  • Deliver notices for slow pays at no additional expense to ownership.
  • Proceed with evictions when necessary after consulting ownership.
  • Available to tenants and ownership with quick return calls.

Gary Brach PA